About JustNi

JustNi.com Is the website of Chris McCabe an applications developer based in Newry which is located just north of the border of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Chris specialises in web development, especially using open source tools on social media platforms. Chris talks regularly at open events and co-organises Bizcamp’s in Northern Ireland (Newry, Craigavon and Belfast)

Facebook Applications and consulting

As you probably noticed, Facebook is everywhere and so your business should be! Whether your business is hotel accepting bookings online to a coffee shop on the high street, Facebook can deliver an endless potential for customers to create conversations about your brand and get them engaging!

Justni has developed applications and facebook games for Local Northern Ireland organisations but also leading global brands.

Web development

Need a custom web application built? Whether it is to automate importation of data into your¬†e-commerce¬†websiete or your current content management system doesn’t do everything you need? JustNI has delivered all sorts of applications and plugins over the years to help improve web application usability.

JustNI can build custom web based applications with in reasonable budgets and time frames. Why pay an expensive agency who have huge overheads when you can get the high quality personal touch from a local developer


We run many websites but Events In Newry is our latest. We are trying to add every event that happens in the greater Newry area to the site therefore allowing us to present suitable events to interested people.